Routine car servicing and repair plus a good inspection check results in less inconvenience, less unforeseen expense and possibility of better vehicle fuel economy. Have your vehicle running at its optimum efficiency, regular car servicing can extend the life of your vehicle - defects are found before they become serious and expensive to repair.

At Prowerkz, we're well prepared for the unplanned. In the unlikely event that something goes wrong with your car, our technicians will be able to find the fault quickly and efficiently using the right diagnostic equipment.

We will always consult you before carrying out any work, offering you advice on how the problem can be fixed.

You'll also find accident repair and cosmetic repair services of the highest standards.

Once work has been authorised, we will only ever use the correct parts and accessories to return your vehicle to its original state as quickly as possible.

We have a comprehensive range of servicing packages utilizing a good selection of lubricants, products & accessories that would well suit any motor vehicles’ need. We also do accident repair and insurance claims.

We always strive to enhance our services to our valued customer on various requests like customised Turbo Intercooler Piping, Engine Enhancement, Performance Racing Parts, Engine Rebuilt, Turbo Extractor, Racing Suspensions and other projects.

We also put in our heart to Repair and Maintain ALL Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Mercedes and other makes/ models vehicles. So give us a beep and make arrangement for your next servicing now.