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Selenia Star Vehicle Servicing

Selenia StAR Pure Energy is the new fully synthetic lubricant for petrol engines. With its low ash content it passes the new ACEA C3 specification and offers total protection of the catalyst, thereby lengthening its life cycle. Selenia StAR Pure Energy is the lubricant especially formulated to maximise fuel economy, warrant compliance with anti-pollution regulations, protect engines created to operate at ever higher temperatures and enhance the typically sporty character

Its unique formula maximises the features of engines with a high specific power, improves cold starting and keeps viscosity constant throughout the interval between changes.

Selenia Sport Power 5W40 Vehicle Servicing

Selenia Sport 5W40 is a fully synthetic lubricant capable of meeting the needs of high performance engines. Studied to protect the engine in high thermal stress conditions, it prevents deposits on the turbine to achieve the utmost performance.

Selenia Sport 5W-40 is the ideal lubricant for the new twin stage engines.

  • Allows maximum power distribution
  • Reduction of fuel consumption
  • Maximum cleaning of the engine
Selenia Racing 10W60

This lubricant has been developed from experience, accumulated over the years, of the Selenia racing team on important international circuits. SELENIA RACING is the product thought to be especially suitable for sports use in Turismo cars on the track or the road (Rally).

The use of SELENIA RACING in competitions has demonstrated its resistance to thermal stress, which is an advanced technical requirement of the Turismo cars. The product has allowed:

  • Maximum power distribution;
  • Maximum constancy of the pressure in the lubricating circuit in all working conditions;
  • Excellent viscosity at highest temperatures.
As it meets and exceeds the quality requirements of the major Manufacturers, SELENIA RACING can be used in all naturally aspirated, turbo-charged or multi-valve engines of any make and capacity.

Advise On Use:
5,000 km for competition use. Up to 20,000 km on aspirated cars (also JTS)and up to 10,000 km on cars with turbo-charged engines.
Petronas Tutela Transmission Technyx

Synthetic-based multigrade lubricant for Mechanical Transmissions of cars to be used in gearbox-differential units, also fitted with hypoid gear pair and central differential (PTU).


  • Special E.P./antiwear additives to warrant optimum protection of the transmission components also under limit lubricating conditions (when moving off, at pickup torque, etc) and with high load at low rpm
  • Particularly suitable for gearboxes with 4-wheel drive
  • Outstanding adhesion of the lubricating film to warrant optimum protection of the mechanical parts under all lubricating conditions which prevents gearbox noise
  • Viscosity grading specifically intended to optimise gearbox handling under all operating temperature conditions
  • Fuel economy product as it reduces the frictions involved with high friction control under all circumstances, thereby reducing fuel consumption
  • Fully synthetic formula that guarantees excellent temperature-oxidation resistance properties
  • Compatible with the materials used in seals
  • Tutela car Technyx passes the Quality Specifications of the Major European Manufacturers.

Advice on use
Tutela Car Technyx is grade SAE 75W-85 for use all year round. Replacement according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Recommended By
Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Lancia and Irisbus

Petronas Tutela Transmission CS Speed

Specific totally synthetic lubricant for the hydraulic system of Fiat Group automated transmision: DUALOGIC, SELESPEED, D.F.N.- SELECTRONIC.


  • Special formulation has been developed specifically for the optimum operation, in all the climatic conditions, of the Selespeed gearboxes.
  • Particular additivation raises the characteristics of extreme fluidity when cold, increased protection
Petronas Tutela Transmission GI/VI

Synthetic-based lubricant specifically for automatic 6-gear transmissions.Specific formulation to warrant fuel economy characteristics. Ensures the utmost protection of the transmission components also in extreme temperatures. Specific formula for new generation Fiat automatic 6 gear-transmission.

Synthetic-based lubricant specifically for automatic 6-gear transmissions. Specific formulation to warrant perfect lubrication also with controlled slip torque converter.

  • Excellent viscosimetric stability.
  • Maximum quality and efficiency in whatever weather condition.
  • Noise reduction.
  • Tutela GI/VI provides excellent wear drive ability.
  • Owing to its specific wear control activation, it extends transmission life.


  • Maximum viscosity stability
  • Protection against rusting and corrosion
  • Optimal polishing properties
  • Maximum compatibility with whatever material
  • Resistance to foaming
Paraflu Up Vehicle Servicing Package

Paraflu Up is a concentrated protective fluid for radiators. It is a Monoethylene Glycol base fluid, formulated with organic inhibitors based on O.A.T. (Organic Acid Technology). Also suitable for professional use, Paraflu Up is a specific protective fluid for the cooling systems that contain innovative light alloy materials.


  • Advanced stringent laboratory tests by PLI Italy show that, Paraflu Up guarantees and meets all requirements even in extreme running conditions. Mixed with 50% water and guarantees
  • The maintenance of the protecting characteristics of the inhibitor agents
  • Optimal heat removal from the engine combustion chamber
  • The maximum protection against
  • Cavitations and electrical discharge
  • Freezing (down to external temperatures of -40°C)
  • Limescale formation
  • Boiling in the warm periods, traffic, city journeys (circuit temperaplay then future up to +110°C)
  • Excessive swelling of rubbers and plastic in the circuit
  • Formation of deposits in the circuit also in conditions of exasperated exercise
Petronas Tutela Brake Fluid

Synthetic based brake fluid for hydraulic disc and drum braking systems and servo-controls of cars, light commercial vehicles, industrial vehicles and scooter and motorcycles (whenever the manufacturer recommends an NHTSA 116 DOT 4 control fluid).

High boiling point (+270C) prevents the effects of "vapour lock" (the presence of vapour bubbles in the circuit brakes). Wet Boiling Point 180C. Low pour point for use at low environmental temperatures (down to -40C).

Excellent anti-corrosion, anti-rust and anti-oxidation properties for the protection of the metallic and other components the braking circuit (including cadmium and zinc protection treatments).

Total compatibility with rubbers and packing in order to avoid swelling or weakening of the rubber or plastic seals.

High chemical stability in order to maintain the product characteristics in severest conditions of thermal stress.

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